domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Introduccion myself

My Name is Andrea P. Salcedo I'm 16 years old. I live in Bogota. I'm Colombian. I was born April 2.
I'm  a student of Psychology.

I'm single.

I love the music!! my favorite music is tropipop, but I listen to all music.

My favourite animal  is tigger, it's beautiful!
My favourite food  are french fries, this are very delicious.
My favourites colours are black, white, pink, green.
I like dance, sing, speak with people, sleep, watch tv, go to the shopping...

I can speak a little english.I can cook pasta.
I can't see black butterflies .I am scared of them.

I have a Life Happy!!!

I am like funny, spontaneous, responsible, honest, intelligent, loving, caring, respectful, kind, loyal, fearful.

Check out my schedule on Sunday:

 - I wake up at 10:00.
 - I get up at 10:10.
 - I eat breakfast.
 - I watch tv .
 - I listen to music.
 - I chat.
 - I take a shower.
 - I get dressed.
 - I do homework.

 -I have a lunch at 2:00.
 -I chat.
 -I watch.
 -I go to the park with my friends.
 -I listen to music.
 -I do homework.

 - I arrive to house at 7:30.
 - I eat dinner.
 - I chat.
 - I watch tv.
 - I go to bed at 10:30.

Check out the schedule of Lorena

In the morning :

 - she wakes up 9:00
- she gets up 9:15
- she eats breakfast
- she watchs Tv
- she listen to music and do sport
- she chats
- she takes a shower
- she gets dressed
In the afternoon:
- she has a lunch at 1:00
- she goes to the park with my boyfriend
- she goes to the movies with my boyfriend
- she arrives to house
- she does homewoork
In the evening:
- she eats dinner at 8:00
- she chats
- she watchs tv
- she goes to bed at 11:00

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